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Furniture Accessory Design Classifications

World's Best Furniture Accessory Designers, Ranked by Number of Design Awards Won by Each Designer, Worldwide.

Rank Country / Designer Score Average
1 Miralis Canada 1 5 - 1 - - - 5.00
2 Azam Eskandari Iran 1 5 - 1 - - - 5.00
3 Joseph Di Benedetto Australia 1 5 - 1 - - - 5.00
4 Xenofon Hector Grigorelis Greece 1 4 - - 1 - - 4.00
5 Devesh Pratyay India 1 3 - - - 1 - 3.00
6 NJ interiors Italy 1 3 - - - 1 - 3.00
7 Hakan Gürsu Turkey 1 2 - - - - 1 2.00
8 Mohamed Amin Sherif Egypt 1 2 - - - - 1 2.00
9 Lorenzo Susini Italy 1 2 - - - - 1 2.00
10 Bülent Ünal Turkey 1 2 - - - - 1 2.00
11 Rania Elkalla Egypt 1 2 - - - - 1 2.00

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"World's Leading and Most Prominent Furniture Accessory Design Professionals in All Creative Industries are Ranked and Sorted for their Merit in all Economic Sectors."

DAC - Furniture Accessory Design Classifications

Image by Scott Rodgerson via https://unsplash.com/photos/z0MDyylvY1k/info

Good Furniture Accessory Design

  • DAC, the Design Classifications website ranks all designers worldwide, in all industries to help you find best designers in all industries.
  • For Furniture Accessory design industry, the best designer is Miralis followed by Azam Eskandari and Joseph Di Benedetto who took the top spots in the rankings table.
  • Data displayed is from 2018 to 2019 and covers Furniture Accessory design only.
  • You need to be winner of A' Design Award to be ranked. When taking part in A' Design Award, before nominating your design, you could get a complimentary, free of charge and confidential preliminary score to see whether your work would potentially qualify for an award or not.
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Good Furniture Accessory Design

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